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  • What is a Data Strategy Roadmap and Why Do You Need One?

    You’re managing a rapidly growing digital business. As your operations expand, you’re overwhelmed with data from customer interactions, sales figures, user feedback, and various…

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  • What is data analytics, how it benefits your business, and how to build it—a comprehensive guide for business owners

    Leveraging data analytics is crucial for gaining a competitive edge and staying agile in the face of market changes. This article delves into the…

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  • Navigating Data: Building Your Own Dream Team or Partnering with Experts?

    Many businesses struggle to harness the power of information. Some haven’t built a data analytics team yet, flying blind without insights to guide decisions….

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  • Top 5 Data Visualization Tools in 2023

    A simplified representation of complex data is key for any data-driven business. Raw data must be turned into a cohesively formatted visual that is…

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  • SnowFlake: The Best Data Warehousing and Prescriptive Analytics Solution

    Data Warehouse as a Service, or DWaaS, has gained much popularity in the past decade. It is a service primarily provided by Snowflake Inc,…

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  • Simple Mobile Analytical Stack: Firebase + BigQuery

    Developing reliable and high-quality mobile and web applications requires a lot of dedication and, more importantly, a powerful and feature-rich development platform. Firebase, provided…

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  • Outsourced Data Analytics As a Business Driver in Times of Uncertainty

    If information is the oil of the 21st century, then analytics is the combustion engine, as stated by the Senior Vice President and Global…

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  • Metabase vs. Tableau

    Not so long ago, companies had to pay for expensive enterprise software and employ a cadre of data scientists and data engineers, or both,…

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  • Looker and Its Alternatives

    Analyzing data, finding answers, unlocking insights—all these tasks start with a data analytics stack. In order to take your data from its source all…

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  • In-House vs. Outsource Data Analytics: What to Bet On in a Crisis?

    Extreme times lead to extreme (and often non-conventional) solutions for resource optimization. Data analytics, which may seem like an optional add-on rather than a…

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  • How to Use Data Analytics to Foster Business Growth in 2023

    Companies are investing trillions to become data-driven, but few see the payoff. A McKinsey survey of 1,000 companies (with more than $1 billion in…

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  • How to Start a Data Governance Program: 10 Steps

    Is it possible to create a lean governance program in a strict regulatory environment? Can you reduce its complexity without incurring undue risk? Where…

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  • How to Run Airbyte and Get the Most Value of the Facebook API

    In this article, we’ll show you how to deploy Airbyte on your computer and use it to connect to the Facebook Marketing API. What…

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  • How to Install and Run ClickHouse

    Note: This guide is written using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. When you have big data to work with, whether you are creating an IT project…

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  • How to Calculate Retention Rate

    For starters, we have to understand in which situations and for whom this metric is important. Imagine this situation: you have launched a particular…

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  • How to Calculate LTV

    Most gaming and mobile companies have a retention curve. If you missed the last article, we strongly recommend reading it as it discussed retention…

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  • How to Build a Data-Based Business Strategy in 2023

    The use of data has climbed to the top of the corporate agenda, but few companies know how to incorporate it successfully. Instead of…

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  • How SMBs Benefit From Data Analytics

    With over 300 billion emails sent every day and over 2 billion people shopping online daily, you can only imagine how much data is…

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