Transparent Marketing Budget Allocation for Investment ROI Assessment: JustSchool Case


JustSchool managed its leads in AmoCRM, which is an easy-to-navigate tool with poor analytical functionality. As a result, they couldn’t efficiently evaluate their investments in paid traffic and other marketing initiatives.

To overcome the challenge, they needed expert help from Valiotti Analytics to:

  • automatically extract a lot of data from AmoCRM into the right format for further processing
  • set up informative dashboards to gain valuable insights into marketing spend


  1. Automated data extraction from AmoCRM to a ClickHouse database

The ultimate challenge was to set up data extraction and processing, considering a large data scope. We created a serverless infrastructure and automated data collection and processing based on category, which allowed for seamless data transfer from AmoCRM to the database.

To address the problem, we implemented the following steps:

  • Cluster creation to store and process data from AmoCRM.
  • Clickhouse database set up through Managed Service for ClickHouse, as well as the creation of tables to store AmoCRM data.

  • We set up an AmoCRM service account to manage Yandex.Cloud resources flexibly and assign roles.
  • We performed data extraction by category (users, contact details and emails, requests)

The final solution looks like this:

  • Flexible serverless infrastructure built with an API between AmoCRM, Yandex.Cloud, and Yandex DataLens, to collect, process, and upload data.


  • 7 functions to collect and process data based on the specifics
  • Python scripts to collect data
  • Custom data transfer algorithm, which is enabled automatically
  1. Data-rich dashboards in DataLens for transparent budgeting

For JustSchool to have access to transparent marketing budget spending and its ROI, we set up informative dashboards in several steps:

  • Two data sets were used to collect the final dashboard for the kids segment.
  • Based on the data sets, charts and dashboards were created. Now the Client can access all the information about the incoming leads, revenue, average spending per user, and sales. All this information can be analyzed within a category or various timeframes to better evaluate marketing investments.


  • Consider serverless architecture to focus on the case solution, leaving all the server-related problems to the provider. The same applies to a ClickHouse database, which is responsible for backup, monitoring, and updates while you only work with the database.
  • Choose an aligned tech stack to eliminate synchronization risks. If you work within a single tech environment (Yandex solutions in this case), your apps will seamlessly communicate with one another, which reduces the number of bugs and improves processing speed.

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