10+ dashboards for data‑driven management and growth for global crypto startup Worldcoin


Worldcoin is an international startup with a big mission: to provide equal economic opportunity to everyone, leading to genuine, practical gains for all of humanity. In order to track the progress of their project and make data-driven decisions, the team started looking for a solution to collect and visualize data. It was clear from the beginning that box solutions would not suffice. Such companies often take many new actions with users, and tracking the dynamics is critical by cohort, most often requiring a custom solution.

We’ve already performed several tasks to create analytical tools. ​​For example, we have experience in building many dashboards using SQL queries in Metabase: Devices Dashboard, Main Dashboard, Mini-app Dashboard, Operations Dashboard, etc. These dashboards include the following graphs:

  • Retention Rate in dynamics
  • Average number of payments sent per one active user
  • Accumulative number of created accounts, etc.

These charts are presented in terms of different time periods (day/week/month), countries, applications, etc. We also create the appropriate filters for easy analysis of the data.

That’s why Worldcoin approached us with a new task – to build several dashboards based on their databases:

  • Main Dashboard with Overall, Access, Verification, Payments, Lifecycle and User Profile Metrics
  • Vesting Model Experiment Dashboard with General, Variant C Mechanics and Behavioral Effects Metrics
  • Product metrics Dashboard with Overall, Distributor, Individual Distributor, Consumer and Launch Metrics
  • Location Dashboard


1. Diving into the project

Before we start working on each project, we study it in detail. One of the key steps is to understand the entities of the client’s database in order to understand the meaning of every field and begin to build the logic of data collection.

2. Task correction

The Worldcoin team approached us with a fairly detailed description of the end result. They even described the types of data visualization they wanted to use. This was very helpful in achieving a better outcome.
Describing your desires in as much detail as possible is a great tool for the client to speed up the understanding with the project team. You may not offer the best solutions to your needs, but that’s why you’re asking for expertise. So we analyzed the Worldcoin files and suggested changing some of the charts and adding new variables.

3. Data visualization

As a result, we’ve assembled more than 10 dashboards in Metabase that help Worldcoin make strategic decisions. It allowed product team evaluate the state of business, track product metrics, analyze audience, and make strategic decisions based on the data. Here you can see examples of created dashboards.


  • While working on this project, we captured a few things that may be helpful to you as well:
  • Before you start, it is important to study the subject area in detail. Get to know all the metrics, key concepts, and only then start working with the data. Otherwise there is a great risk of mixing up the metrics and collecting, for example, a graph, which at best will not mean anything, and at worst will affect business decisions.
  • During the project dive, make sure to collect documentation - aggregate information about the project, entities, and variables in one place so you can easily transfer all the knowledge to another specialist.
  • It is important to determine the source of the benchmarks for the key metrics of the project and always check against it when building the data.
  • Before data visualization it is important to decide what tasks will be solved with the help of the dashboard. This will help select the right tools and methods of visualization and speed up the work by reducing the number of iterations.
  • Choose a person who can set and accept the task in detail. Otherwise, there is a risk of a large number of edits and multiples of the work completion time.

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