Gain actionable insights for personalized learning, improved academic outcomes, and streamlined operations. Spot drop-off points in the student journey and increase your conversion rates.
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  • Are you grappling with 
a lack of student engagement, low learning efficacy, or high operational costs?

  • Our tailored data services provide insights into student behavior, learning preferences, and performance patterns. This helps you optimize course offerings, increase student acquisition, and refine segmentation for higher retention and academic success.

    Furthermore, by analyzing platform interactions, content engagement, and assessment data, we help you identify specific pain points within the learning process.

  • Beyond enhancing educational experiences, data lets you optimize operational aspects such as resource allocation and curriculum development, ensuring efficient resource utilization.


Improved Learning Analytics
Low learner engagement can be a persistent challenge in EdTech. To address this, we help you analyze key metrics like completion rate, retention rate, and customer acquisition cost. This way, you can identify areas where students struggle and make necessary improvements to course content. This leads to higher student satisfaction and better learning outcomes.
Increased Revenue
We delve deep into lead funnels to enhance the conversion rate. This move expedites the conversion process from a new deal to a sale, contributing to increased revenue. Furthermore, we help you assess student refund requests. Armed with this information, you can proactively address issues to increase client retention.
Improved Student Acquisition
Tracking metrics like CPL and ROMI helps in refining marketing strategies. With the help of data, you can allocate marketing budget effectively, focusing on channels and campaigns that yield the best results.
End-to-End Analytics
End-to-end analytics provides a comprehensive view of the entire student lifecycle, from onboarding to course completion. Through end-to-end analytics, you can track student interactions at various stages, such as enrollment, engagement with course materials, participation in discussions, and assessment performance. This detailed insight enables you to identify bottlenecks or areas of improvement throughout the educational journey. We implement it using our Reporting System Framework (TM), which includes Overview, Analytical, Alerting, Monitoring, and Experimental dashboards.

Our Approach

Although we offer custom solutions, there’s a certain process we follow when developing an analytics infrastructure for an EdTech company.

  • 1
    We start by defining the key KPIs and reviewing your existing infrastructure to determine the best solution.
  • 2
    After designing the architecture of your custom analytics system, we build it to start generating informative reports.
  • 3
    Next, we deploy the system and evaluate its performance to spot areas for improvement.
  • 4
    We end with creating a comprehensive guide and transferring the knowledge to help you use your new system effectively.

Learn How Data Analytics Can Help Your EdTech Business

Transform raw data into actionable insights with our end-to-end EdTech analytics solutions

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  • 1


    Identify KPIs and data solutions to track business performance.

  • 2


    Create a tailored data analytics system.

  • 3


    Provide knowledge to use the new data system to enhance business performance.

Sales Reports

The data in the dashboards below is randomised and does not disclose any client's sensitive information.

Revenue Report

Total revenue, products sold, conversion rate, average check

Funnel Analysis

Identification of sales bottlenecks, optimal number of leads per salesperson

Managers’ Performance

Cohort Analysis

Behavior analysis of leads, lead segmentation

Marketing Reports

Overall Marketing Dashboard


Cost Per Lead



Acquisition Cost


Return on Investment/Return on Marketing Investment

Conversion to Leads and Customers
Target Audience Analysis

Student Progress Reports

Completion Rate Analysis

Course completion time prediction, student progress tracking

User Activity

Communication between community managers and students, successful engagement strategy identification

CSAT Studies

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score visualization, comparison of results of different study process implementations

Student Enrollment

Course performance, engagement over time

Key KPIs

  • Sales Analytics

    Conversion Rate
    Refund Rate
    Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
    Revenue per Student
  • Product Analytics

    Retention Rate
    Course Engagement
  • Marketing Analytics

    Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
    Cost Per Lead (CPL)
    Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)

Our Stack

Data Warehousing
Data Orchestration
Data Transformation
Data Visualization

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