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Sales Reports

The data in the dashboards below is randomised and does not disclose any client's sensitive information.

Revenue Report

Total revenue, products sold, conversion rate, average check

Funnel Analysis

Identification of sales bottlenecks, optimal number of leads per salesperson

Sales Managers’ Performance

Cohort Analysis

Behavior analysis of leads, lead segmentation

Refund Analysis

Common reasons for refunds, characteristics of customers leading to refunds, refundable cohorts

Marketing Reports

Overall Marketing Dashboard


Cost Per Lead


Customer Acquisition Cost

Conversion to Leads and Customers

Target Audience Analysis


Return on Investment/Return on Marketing Investment

Student Progress Reports

Completion Rate Analysis

Course completion time prediction, student progress tracking

User Activity

Communication between community managers and students, successful engagement strategy identification

CSAT Studies

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score visualization, comparison of results of different study process implementations

Retention Rate Analysis

Churn rate, engagement over time

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