Updates in Redash v8

Two weeks ago the final release of Redash edition 8 took place. The complete list of improvements can be found on the page of beta version of v8 release.

In my overview of the novelties, I will focus my attention only on those, that have the most significant impact on user’s experience of Redash utilization, i.e. that are more illustrative for you and me:

  • Support for multi-select in dropdown (and query dropdown) parameters.
  • Support for dynamic values in date and date-range parameters.
  • Search dropdown parameter values.
  • Pivot Table: support hiding totals.
  • New Visualization: Details View.

Support for multi-select in dropdown (and query dropdown) parameters.

In the 8th version of Redash we finally receive the long-awaited support of selection of several values in a parameter such as “dropdown list” or “dropdown list on the basis of the query”:

When we select several different clues, the above-mentioned values transform into a list, divided by a comma. At that, there is an opportunity to wrap the values of such a list into single quotes or double quotes.

For us it means an opportunity to use requirements of IN type with a parameter in the queries:

At application of such parameter values, we will receive the following URL in the line of the browser:

Support for dynamic values in date and date-range parameters.

Extremely handy and useful feature for selection of dates, that is often used in Tableau, however hadn’t been implemented into Redash until recently: utilization of dynamic values for dates:

Pressing the zipper button, you can select a random period, and Redash will insert the required values into the query on its own. Thus, for instance, you can quickly look through the statistics for last week or last month.

Search dropdown parameter values.

Let’s assume that we are using a parameter of a type “dropdown list on the basis of the query”, and in the query selected there are more than 300 resulting lines, based on which we need to find a value of our interest. In the 8th version this problem is solved by auto-complete and search by parameter values. In the example below I am inserting a line “Orga” and obtain all the values, in which this line is met, very convenient.

Pivot Table: support hiding totals.

Quite long-awaited feature, that allows to aggregate outcomes by rows / columns.

New Visualization: Details View

New presentation of data results: view of details by each line. I assume, it can be convenient at use in a dashboard, when you apply filtration by a specific user / partner.
It visualizes the names of columns and results of a specific line in a table form.

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