Report & Dashboard Setup

We tailor reports and dashboards to each department’s unique needs to ensure no vital metrics go unnoticed.

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Benefits of Report & Dashboard Setup

  • Customization

  • Simplified Data Understanding

  • Unified Report & Dashboard View

  • Improved Accessibility

How We Did It for Our Clients


Complex Data Representation

Do you struggle to decipher intricate dashboards? Are you overwhelmed by excessive metrics within your reports? Complex data representation hinders collaboration and decision-making.


We implement data visualization best practices to transform complex information into easily understandable reports and dashboards, promoting better data comprehension.


Lack of Customization

Off-the-shelf reporting solutions may not align with your organization's unique needs. This leads to a lack of flexibility and overlooked critical metrics.


Tailored reports and dashboards helps you gain insights specific to your organization’s needs. We design and build these solutions to align with your business processes and objectives.


Inadequate Report Accessibility

Many organizations struggle with limited report accessibility, where key stakeholders are unable to access crucial information when needed due to manual or restricted access processes.


We create a user-friendly, centralized platform for your reports and dashboards. We implement secure sharing options, ensuring that authorized users can access the platform anytime, anywhere.

What is Report & Dashboard Setup?

One-size-fits-all reports and dashboards don’t really fit anyone. If you can’t derive meaningful insights from your current solutions, custom report and dashboard setup is the answer to your problem.

We not only consider your organization’s objectives, but cater the solutions to the unique needs of each dashboard’s user. The goal is to create easy-to-navigate, accessible, visually representative dashboards that no vital metrics go unnoticed.

By customizing these solutions, we foster better data comprehension, more informed decisions, and improved overall efficiency. It’s not just about getting the data; it’s about getting the data that truly matters.

Align metrics with your needs.
Choose tailored solutions for clarity.

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    Goal and Role Definition

    We precisely define your organization’s goals, objectives, and the roles of each employee to create a list of required dashboards.
    We conduct in-depth interviews with each dashboard user to understand which metrics and KPIs are required.
    We evaluate your data sources and formats. Then, we assess available tools considering ease of use, compatibility, and pricing.
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    Design and Deployment

    We create a wireframe for each dashboard, outlining the structure, content, and functionalitys. Then, we show wireframes to each dashboard’s respective users and gather feedback.
    We develop a prototype of the dashboard based on the approved wireframe. The prototype is a functional but unfinished version of the dashboard.
    We deploy the prototype and conduct a dashboard demo to gather additional feedback. Users can interact with dashboards and evaluate their usability.
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    Testing and Knowledge Transfer

    We implement quality assurance (QA) processes for data to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information presented in the dashboards.
    We optimize each dashboard based on the results of testing, user feedback, and QA processes to enhance their functionality and usability.
    We ensure that users have the necessary information and resources to make the most of the dashboards in their roles.

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  • We are a team of professionals available to contribute our vast experience and skills to your project. Taking leadership roles in data engineering and analytics, we have been working in the field for over 3 years. The geography of our customers is impressive. You are welcome to check out our latest case studies with specific details on our success and customer satisfaction.

  • Data analytics is the process of analyzing data to uncover insights, trends, and patterns to improve decision-making and optimize business processes. Data analytics services involve various techniques and means, such as statistical analysis, data visualization services, and analytics data stack BI tools.

  • Data engineering is the process of designing, building, and maintaining data infrastructure. It involves developing and implementing data pipelines, warehouses, and other data storage and processing systems. Integrating data from multiple sources, a data engineer cleans and transforms it, ensuring that it is accurate, consistent, and accessible.

  • The term analytics data stack refers to the set of technologies and tools commonly used in data engineering and analytics. It can be configured and customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of a company.

  • A data analytics company can help you better understand your customers, their behavior, and their needs, optimize your business operations, and make pivotal data-driven decisions.

  • A data analytics company can help you better understand your customers, their behavior, and their needs, optimize your business operations, and make pivotal data-driven decisions.

    When do you need advanced analytics services?

    You need advanced analytics services when you want to:

    • forecast future events or outcomes,
    • implement predictive analytics to envision customer behavior,
    • optimize business operations and processes,
    • build a recommendation system,
    • test new ideas and hypotheses.

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