What is Docker

Docker is a software for automating the deployment and management of applications in containerized environments.



Minimal resource consumption

Containers do not virtualize the entire operating system but use the host kernel and isolate the program at the process level.

High-speed deployment

You don’t need to install auxiliary components, you can use ready-made docker images (templates).

Convenient hiding of processes

For each container, you can use different data processing methods, hiding background processes.

Working with unsafe code

Container isolation technology allows you to run any code without harm to the OS.

Easy scaling

Any project can be expanded by introducing new containers.

Convenient launch

An application located inside a container can be launched on any docker host.

File system optimization

The image consists of layers that allow you to use the file system very efficiently.

Docker Alternatives



What is Podman?

Podman is an open-source, Linux-native container engine that does not require root access.

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What is LXD?

LXD is an open-source LXC Linux Containers engine that can run multiple processes simultaneously.

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