What is Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery is a PaaS service that supports most of the features of a DBMS. It’s a part of the Google Cloud Platform, where there are several dozen more applications for analysing, storing and computing data.


  • Sharing Datasets

    Different divisions of your company can store their datasets in BigQuery and easily share them with other divisions of the company and even with partner organisations.

  • Ability to Perform Federated Queries

    BigQuery separates calculations from storage, so BigQuery SQL queries can be run on files in CSV format (as well as JSON and Avro), which are stored in their original form in Google Cloud Storage.

  • Effective Analytics

    BigQuery allows you to use a wide range of tools business intelligence, such as Tableau, Looker and Looker Studio, for the implementation of various types of analysis, visual diagrams and calculations based on data stored in BigQuery.

  • Storage of Data of Different Types

    BigQuery can store a variety of data: numeric and text data, as well as geo spatial and hierarchical data.

  • Ease of Controls

    You don’t have to deal with administration databases and perform tasks, such as replication, defragmentation, or disaster recovery. BigQuery takes care of all this.

  • Safety

    Data in BigQuery automatically is encrypted both during storage and during transmission. You can share your datasets with Google Cloud Identity and Access Management.

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Google BigQuery Alternatives

  • Amazon Redshift

    Amazon Redshift is columnar cloud-based data warehouse platform, which is useful for systems with a constant load – such as regular reporting and machine learning routines.

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  • ClickHouse

    ClickHouse is an open-source columnar relational DBMS from Yandex for fast processing of analytical SQL queries on structured big data in real time.

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  • Snowflake

    Snowflake is a cloud-based data processing and storage platform that allows you to combine data from many sources.

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How We Use Google BigQuery

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