What Is Redash

Redash is a business analytical service for working with large amounts of data and its visualisation. Redash helps to work with databases by connecting them to the service, users will be able to process the available data using SQL queries and convert them into graphs and charts.

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  • Open-Source Project

    Redash is completely free when installed on your own server. It offers an open-source foundation that lets users customise the system to their needs from the code up.

  • Convenient Interface

    Redash provides the ability to create SQL queries and customise visualisation in one window.

  • Access Anywhere

    Because Redash is deployed through the cloud, users can access this system anywhere and on any device with an Internet connection.

  • Variety of Data Connectors

    Redash can connect to almost any data source and blend them into a single data storage, giving users access to all the important data in a single location.

  • Effective Queries

    The intuitive SQL client makes it easy for users to browse schema, click to insert queries and create snippets.

  • Alerting and Reporting

    Redash has schedulers enabled by default, so the user interface is mostly customizable.

  • The Possibility of Collaboration

    Redash allows users to share reports and visualisations via email, web embed, Slack, and more to collaborate with teammates or clients.

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Redash Alternatives

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    Apache Superset is Airbnb’s open-source data analytics and visualisation platform, and lightweight BI system built in Python.

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    Metabase is an open-source business intelligence tool that lets you create charts and dashboards using data from a variety of databases and data sources.

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How We Use Redash

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