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Our Services

We offer a full variety of analytical services, from Data Warehouse design and development to building analytical reports, dashboards, and predictive models.

Audit & Consulting

We thoroughly analyze current data sources and tools used by your company, find ways of their optimization.

We create solutions based on the company’s tech stack, and also help implement additional systems.

Analytics Engineering

We will build your analytical data warehouse and then a data model for analytical DWH and help you to select ETL technologies and configure them.

We use Kafka and Clickhouse to build microservices that perform data collection for you.

Data Analytics

We build key metrics for data tracking, define calculation rules, automate reporting, visualize your data.

We create insightful dashboards with key parameters and set up alerts for tracking important changes and updates.

Advanced Analytics

We can help you to build a forecast, recommendation system, predict customer churn, segment your customers, and develop any data science model.

We successfully solved the problem of predicting customer LTV for one of our projects.

Our Clients

Case Studies

We’ve successfully implemented projects for large well-established companies as well as emerging startups.


Online betting, Estonia

Betpawa Read case study


Mobile apps commercial, UK

Airnow Read case study


Consulting Service, India

Raacom Read case study

Wing Telecom

Telco Operator, US, NY

Wing Telecom Read case study


Game developer

Cedar Read case study

Family Train

Developer service

Family Train Read case study


DevOps online education service

Rebrain Read case study

Just Kids

English language school in Ukraine

Just Kids Read case study


Valiotti Analytics has wonderful people and professionals in their team. Our company required technical assistance in maintaining and developing the existing data warehouse. Data experts from Valiotti quickly grasped the essence of the project and since then the team has been the strongest support for our analytics department. Many tests have been successfully passed and no less awaits us ahead. We sincerely look forward to further collaboration with such an excellent team. Thanks very much!

Kirill Vassiljev

Head of Business Intelligence, Betpawa

The team of highly qualified data analysts from Valiotti Analytics provided us with top-notch services in the field of data and developed informative analytical dashboards with key metrics. They have also gone to incredible lengths in optimizing our reports. We are grateful that all our requirements were met and the final result of the work is of excellent quality. We strongly recommend Valiotti Analytics as a reliable analytics partner!

Matthew Mitchell

Group CTO, Airnow

Nikolay’s team has been phenomenal to work with over the past few months. They were able to put together some wonderful insights, reports, and Tableau dashboards for our management teams across various departments. We look forward to working with Nikolay’s team in the future on additional data science and analysis projects.

Nick Lowry

Chief Growth Officer, Wing Telecom

It’s been a pleasure working with Nikolay. At the very first stage of cooperation, Nikolay thoroughly studied the goals and already existing approaches, and tools applied to in-game analytics at our company. Next, he advised us to change the old ways, this decision resulted in increased efficiency in building reports and saved much of our time. Nikolay also offered to use a set of classification models written in Python for prediction tasks.
As a result of cooperation with Nikolay, the numbers in our company look way more transparent, now, when data is updated on a regular basis we can spend less time on creating reports. I would highly recommend his expertise and skills for future cooperation.

Denis Zabirokhin

General producer at Tropical Forest / Cedargames, Cedar

Working side by side with the Valiotti Analytics team we have outsourced our analytics department. Nikolay was our mentor and the focal point for this project. He gained insight into the company’s KPIs rather quickly and delegated part of the mission to his colleagues while working on the other one.
Nikolay’s team helped us with various components of analytics, namely they updated the Amplitude ETL to MySQL, improved the integration with GTM and Enhanced Ecommerce. Nikolay delved deeply into the tasks and actively communicated with our team.
We’re happy we could collaborate with a company having high expertise in this field as if it was our own in-house analytics team.

FamilyTrain Inc.

Сompany , Family Train

It doesn’t take long for Nikolay and his team to understand the problem. We held a couple of phone meetings, where discussed the company’s requirements for data sources and analytics
Working together, they helped us to build end-to-end reporting. The figures make much more sense now, and we can efficiently manage our advertising costs by tracking their flow.

Ilya Fedichkin

Co-founder, Rebrain

It has been a pleasure working with Nikolai. First off, he tries to learn about the project in great detail to understand its needs. Secondly, the terms arranged in advance are almost always met, if there are no pitfalls along the way. And thirdly, you can come up to Nikolai with an idea and he knows how to turn it into a real project. That’s my best bet!

Alexander Dolmatov

Chief Marketing Officer, Just Kids

The Valiotti Analytics team has built an analytics infrastructure for Simple App.

They analyzed all data streams, designed Data lake, developed microservices for statistics collection, deployed a Kafka cluster to achieve scalable and fail-safe streaming.

Next, they deployed Clickhouse on AWS servers, as a solution for increased performance, configured marketing reports and analytics for the database, including ROI analysis.

We have built productive сollaborative partnership, our teams share ideas and offer effective solutions to arising challenges. We are very happy with our cooperation!

Sergey Matrosov

Head of Web Marketing, Simple App

Cooperation with Valiotti Analytics has proved to be effective and productive for Vitaliv. Nikolay delved into the main business processes of the company, held several sessions with key personnel, comprehensively studied the task, structured knowledge on the issue, and provided detailed documentation of his work. We received the arranged set of documents, this includes analytics audit. development strategy of our analytical division, suggestions on the implementation of analytical tools in our workflow. The results of the work are applied by our IT department as well as by our business ones. Highly Recommend!

Our Team

Nikolai Valiotti

Founder, CEO


Nikolai Valiotti

Founder & Data consultant,

Valiotti Analytics


Saint Petersburg State University

Economic Faculty, PhD in data science & machine learning
(neural networks in forecasting)

Google & INSEAD

Digital transformation academy

Over 10 years in Analytics and Data Engineering

November 2016 – February 2019

Airpush, USA

Head of BI

May 2013 – March 2016

Ulmart, Russia

Head of Data Analysts & Customer Marketing Department

April 2011 – December 2012

Yota, Russia

Data Scientist

November 2009 – April 2011

Lenta, Russia

Data Analyst

Anna Valiotti

Chief Marketing Officer


Regina Shaidullina

Data Analyst

ITMO University

Svetlana Bekker

Data Journalist


Maria Avdeeva

Data Analyst

ITMO University

Konstantin Vlasov

Junior Data Analyst


Anna Matiushina

Project Manager


Elizaveta Mazurova

Data Engineer

ITMO University

Egor Satiukov

Junior Data Analyst


Ilia Khutorian

Data Analyst



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