We will build your analytical data warehouse. This warehouse will be the foundation of your entire analytics stack.
Data Modeling & ETL
We'll help you to build data model for your analytical DWH and help you to select ETL technologies and configure them.
BI & Reporting
We've successfully completed BI-projects with various tools: from Redash / Mode to Tableau / Power BI / Looker
KPI's & Dashboards
It's very important to keep an eye on business measurement. We are great professionals in this type of challenges: we'll help you to prepare most efficient dashboards for you business.
Alert Systems
In many cases it's really helpful to have automated notification system when some business indicator drops or grows significantly. We'll configure most important alerts for you.
Data Science
We can help you to build forecast, predict customer churn, prepare recommendation system, clusterize you customers and develop any data science model.