Our Services

We offer a full variety of analytical services, from data warehouse design and development, to building analytical reports, dashboards, and predictive models.

Analytics Engineering

We will build your analytical data warehouse and a data model for analytical DWH. We will help you select the most efficient ETL technologies and configure them.

We use Kafka and Clickhouse to build microservices that perform data collection for you.

Data Analytics

We build key metrics for data tracking, define calculation rules, automate reporting, and visualize your data.
We create insightful dashboards with key parameters and set up alerts for tracking essential changes and updates.

Advanced Analytics

We can help you build a forecast or recommendation system, predict customer churn, segment your customers, and develop any data science model.

We successfully solved the problem of predicting customer LTV for one of our projects.

Audit & Consulting

We thoroughly analyze the current data sources and tools used by your company and find ways to optimize them.

We create solutions based on a company’s tech stack and help implement additional systems.