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Valiotti Analytics is a data analytics company with extensive experience in the field and a team of experts. Meet them now!

Who We Are

Valiotti Analytics is a collective of brilliant minds with an insatiable curiosity for unraveling the stories hidden within data. Beyond our love for decoding complexity and the continuous pursuit of new skills, we're a team that thrives on genuine connections and collaboration. Our workspace isn't just about algorithms; it's about people — each VA expert brings their unique knowledge and vision to the table, making our work not just intellectually rewarding but inherently human.
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Nikolay Valiotti

Founder & Data Consultant

13+ years in analytics and data engineering
PhD thesis on the development of a neural network model for evaluating business indicators
Undertook the Online Master of Science in Analytics (OMSA) program at the Georgia Institute of Technology
Nikolay is fond of sports, particularly tennis

Our Values

  • Openness to innovation

    We’re ready to do what no one has done before. Every VA team member can propose their idea and we’ll consider it, because we’re always on the search for the most effective solutions.
  • Results-driven efforts

    We always keep the company objectives and our client goals in mind and know how to achieve specific, measurable results in 3-4 weeks.
  • Expertise and professionalism

    We’re ready to undertake the most challenging data analytics and engineering task, equipped with modern technologies and solutions.
  • Reputation and trust

    We meet deadlines and carry full responsibility for the results of our projects. High-quality work, excellent service, and a flexible approach help VA establish its position in the market.
  • Effective communication

    Asking the right questions is key to understanding the client’s goals and requirements. We provide honest, quick feedback and always respect boundaries both with our team members and customers.


Our Pastime Projects

It's not like we work for the pay's sake. We love making fun projects too. Check them out!

  • Link project

    Cyprus Data

    Community of Local Data Experts

  • Link project

    ChatGPT SQL Data Analyst

    ChatGPT-powered Data Analyst designed to generate SQL queries for any database

Open Roles

  • Data Analyst

    Python / SQL / Business Intelligence
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  • Junior Data Analyst

    Entry-level Data Analyst
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  • Data Engineer

    Python / SQL / Business Intelligence
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