What is Airflow

Airflow is an open-source tool for data pipeline management. It helps you to organize your pieces of code into DAGs, run them, and test and monitor the execution.



Based on Python

Python is used to describe ETL/ELT processes. And anyone with knowledge of Python will find using Airflow easy.

A small but full-fledged toolkit

Great for creating and managing data processing processes. Working with AirFlow is possible using CLI, REST API and a web interface created on the basis of the Flask Python framework.


AirFlow supports many databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, Hive), big data storage (HDFS, Amazon S3), and cloud platforms (Google Cloud platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure).

An extensible REST API

Makes it relatively easy to integrate Airflow into an existing enterprise IT landscape and flexibly customize data pipelines.

Monitoring and alerting

Integration with Statsd and FluentD is supported for collecting and sending metrics and logs.

Role-based access

AirFlow provides 5 roles with different access levels: Admin, Public, Viewer, Op, User. Integration with Active Directory and flexible access configuration using RBAC are possible.

Testing support

It’s possible to use basic unit tests to test pipelines and specific tasks in them.


Airflow is scalable due to its modular architecture and message queue for an unlimited number of DAGs

Open source

AirFlow is actively maintained by the community and has well documented documentation.

Airflow Alternatives



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What is Dagster?

Dagster is an orchestrator that’s designed for developing and maintaining data assets, such as tables, data sets, machine learning models, and reports.

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