What is Looker Studio

Looker Studio (ex Google Data Studio) is a completely free and very simple reporting and data visualisation tool. It can use 12 different connection methods as data sources, including connecting to such popular tools as Google Analytics and Google Sheets. Looker Studio combines them into easily editable, easy-to-share and read reports and is used in diverse industries for discovering data-based insights.

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  • Report Update

    All data embedded in the report is updated automatically. You don’t need to rebuild all the charts every time you load new rows of values as a Google Spreadsheets.

  • No Need to Install Additional Software

    All you need to work with Looker Studio is a browser and an Internet connection. The finished report can be sent by email or downloaded as a PDF file or made available via a link.

  • Low Entry Threshold and Ease of Use

    To work productively with Looker Studio, you don’t need to know the nuances of Excel, languages for working with databases and understand the API.

  • Flexible Customization

    You can customise the size, appearance, content, and position of any element.

  • Ability to Create Your Own Metrics

    Looker Studio allows you to calculate indicators that aren’t in the original data sources.

  • High Security Level

    When granting access to the report, it’s not possible to make changes or obtain information about the source data.

  • Education with Looker Studio Tutorials

    Looker Studio offers videos, report tutorials, and data source tutorials.

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Looker Studio Alternatives

  • Tableau

    Tableau is an interactive business intelligence and data visualisation software.

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  • Power BI

    Microsoft Power BI is a powerful business intelligence and interactive reporting platform.

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  • Metabase

    Metabase is an open-source business intelligence tool that lets you create charts and dashboards using data from a variety of databases and data sources.

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