What Is Tableau

Tableau is an interactive business intelligence and data visualisation software. It helps to conduct a deep analysis of a large amount of information and present the results in a convenient and intuitive way. Tableau can interact with cloud solutions (Dropbox, Google Sheets, AWS Redshift, etc.) as well as modern data analysis tools such as Python and R.


  • Collection of Data from Various Sources

    Tableau can receive data from dozens of places – from a simple download of an excel file to connecting to almost any database via API.

  • Convenience

    Tableau offers the user the most intuitive interface, flexibility in solving complex issues, and the ability to visualise data beautifully and clearly at different stages of working with it.

  • Work with Data Directly

    Tableau allows you to process and aggregate data. You can create calculated fields within the tool itself.

  • High Speed of Obtaining Results

    Tableau can create interactive visualisations and reports in minutes, making it a very fast tool.

  • Information Sharing

    Tableau creates and allows you to share reports online/offline, making the whole process faster.

  • Low Cost

    Tableau is comparatively low compared to other data visualisation and BI tools, such as Business Objects and Qlik.

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Tableau Alternatives

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    Microsoft Power BI is a powerful business intelligence and interactive reporting platform.

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  • Superset

    Apache Superset is Airbnb’s open-source data analytics and visualisation platform, and lightweight BI system built in Python.

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  • Metabase

    Metabase is an open-source business intelligence tool that lets you create charts and dashboards using data from a variety of databases and data sources.

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How We Use Tableau

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