Unlocking Potential: Buff Technology's Journey to Data-Driven Decision-Making


To transition from gut feeling-based to data-driven decision-making by leveraging the untapped data potential. Buff turned to Valiotti Analytics to establish the necessary infrastructure and get guidance on using it effectively to make informed decisions regarding resource allocation and game design optimization.

What we’ve done

Setting up Airflow for Automated Data Aggregation

The Valiotti team implemented Airflow, a workflow automation and scheduling platform, to facilitate the automated aggregation of data from a PostgreSQL database. 

Developing Python scripts to interact with the PostgreSQL database

We developed scripts to generate daily aggregates from the relational data, ensuring rapid retrieval and analysis. Then, we configured Airflow to schedule and execute the Python scripts automatically, adhering to predefined intervals, typically once per day.

Additionally, Airbyte, an open-source data integration platform, was leveraged to streamline the extraction and ingestion of data from various sources into the PostgreSQL database. 

This allowed faster decision-making and quicker responses to market trends.

Monitoring and optimization 

We implemented monitoring mechanisms within Airflow to track task execution statuses and performance metrics.

Next, we iteratively refined scripts and workflow configurations based on feedback and performance evaluations, ensuring optimal performance.

Creating data-rich reports 

Having an efficient, automated data infrastructure, we were able to generate tailored reports providing actionable insights using a data visualization tool Redash, including:

  • User Engagement Metrics: Provided insights into user behavior, such as the number of active users by week/month/quarter/year and by game, to identify trends and demand patterns.

User Engagement Dashboard

  • Operational Efficiency Analysis: Evaluated operational efficiency metrics, including the speed of pro-player selection and ratings by managers, pro gamers, and users, to pinpoint operational bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

Operational Efficiency Chart

  • Performance Metrics: Reported on auction insights, dispute percentages, and refund rates by game and timespan, allowing the client to optimize processes and minimize disputes and refunds.

Documentation and knowledge transfer 

At the final stage, we created comprehensive documentation detailing the setup, configuration, and operation of the Airflow workflow.

Before ending the project, we conducted knowledge transfer sessions to equip the client’s team with the necessary skills to manage the infrastructure autonomously.

Does your business need custom analytics, just like Buff?

It might be your solution if:

  • your analytics budget is at least several thousand dollars;
  • you want to maximize the accuracy of correlations between elements of the business;
  • you have access to external data that you want to combine with internal data;
  • you want to harness the power and strength of statistical data analysis.

If you need help with selecting or creating data analytics tools, feel free to contact us.

You can write directly to our CEO or submit a request on the site. We are looking forward to our collaboration!


  • Invest in custom analytics for deeper insights tailored to your business context. Custom analytics is beneficial for maximizing accuracy, integrating external data sources, and employing advanced statistical analysis techniques.
  • Ask for comprehensive documentation and knowledge transfer if you plan on managing the data infrastructure on your own. We work closely with the client to deliver expert guidance for using the infrastructure and reports effectively. 

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