Google Cloud

What is Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform is a cloud platform that improves data management and reduces the overhead of infrastructure management, server support and network setup. In addition to management tools, several modular cloud services are also provided, such as cloud computing, data storage, data analytics, and machine learning.

Google Cloud


Improved performance

At the enterprise level, you can access data from anywhere through the remote controller. It has large infrastructure, so it allows you to easily perform various complex operations on its network.

Live migration

With such a large network, Google Cloud Hosting allows users to transfer their virtual machines.

Control and security

Google has its own security model, which is currently securing Gmail, YouTube, and other products. All data in Cloud Platform Services is encrypted.

Private network

Google provides its own network to each customer so that they have more control and scalability on the network.

Redundant backups

Google has its own built-in backups. If any part of the component doesn’t work, then Google will create a backup copy.

Google Cloud Alternatives



What is AWS?

AWS is a cloud platform that provides users with subscription services.

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MS Azure

MS Azure

What is MS Azure?

MS Azure is a cloud platform that combines IaaS computing infrastructure solutions.

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