What is Mode

Mode is a popular cloud-based, collaborative analytics platform that combines SQL, Python, R, and visual analysis to help entrepreneurs and businesses, manage, and build new data. Mode’s analysis functions are designed to help teams manage new test reports, demos, marketing campaigns, and sales.



No software or hardware installation

Mode is a cloud-based service that can be accessed from anywhere with Internet-enabled devices.

Sharing work

Various users can let the whole organisation explore and contribute to their reports by simply sharing the link of the project. Also, Mode offers Slack integration for ease of collaboration and reporting.

Dynamic data pulls

Mode provides the ability to do queries in both SQL and R programming.

Shared cloud SQL

Mode allows you to use a cloud-based SQL editor instead of the built-in SQL editor.

Learning opportunity

Contributors can upload public data to Mode’s data warehouse for free analysis that can help users learn how Mode works.

Mode Alternatives



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